lemme take you on a magical journey some like to call “larry stylinson”


the tale of two platonic dude pals whose friendship was cruelly destroyed by gay rumours 

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excuse me

what the fuck is this


"Don’t have to keep their relationship hidden any longer"

"They’ve never been subtle. Nor quiet."


the fuck.

actually that’s been photoshopped, i bought the original magazine and posted it here where you can see it’s been edited from the original :))
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That's Me In The Spotlight - Chapter 24 | Archive of Our Own



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That’s Me In The Spotlight Fanfiction Trailer (JESUS FIC)

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wat is this?


it bra


it BRA


why bra?




bye bra


touched bra


tehe :)


t o u c h e d b r a 

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Anonymous: "Hiii do you maybe possibly have the link to that vine of harry and louis when theyre doing that grease scene i think it happened during the rehersals before the today show or something. Thanks a lot xx"

I don’t have the link off the top of my head but I’ll let you know if it shows up on my tl again :))

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Anonymous: "what happened to ur twitter?"


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Anonymous: "My Twitter @ is larrystans and I want to follow you because I like your tweets but it says I'm blockedddddd idk why,,,,"

i don’t remember why i blocked, sorry. i unblocked just now 😁

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Title: Unknown
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Interviewer: How many of you got girlfriends… or boyfriends, I don’t know

Niall: Two

Interviewer: Two?

Liam: Yeah, me and Louis have both got girlfriends

Liam: We’re the only… um…

Harry: Boyfriend.

Liam:… guys with girlfriends and the rest of them are single

Louis: And the rest of them all have got boyfriends!


Interviewer: Alright!

Harry: Louis’… Louis’ boyfriend.

Interviewer: Alright.

Liam: What?!

Management(or Harry):Take that bit out.

Louis: Yeah, yeah that’s gonna have to come out now.

Interviewer: Yes, it will!


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our moment // that moment // you and i 

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Anonymous: "why are you so mean towards lewis jones ? i mean you tweet a lot of things about physical appearance i agree with (like about make up and stuff, the fact that we put it only for ourselves and not to please boys,) but when it's about him you're really disrespectful. Because even if he see 1d often he's always respectful and they're actually glad to see him as he's been here literally since day one ! byyyye have a good night x"

are you joking? he’s the same one who sits outside of harry’s house in london all the time and gives fans the address to his house. and then he even went abroad last month to follow them to the same hotel? and yes it’s wrong of me to talk about his personal appearance but i am entitled to post my thoughts, even if i don’t think and they can be hurtful sometimes. although he does actually have me blocked so i don’t think he can see it anyway, not that that justifies it in any way but you get the jist :))

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Anonymous: "Do you have a concert report?"

a what?

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