i cant wait

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Anonymous: "what do you think about those girls narry was with....harry had his arm around one and then took it off when he saw fans"

idk it doesn’t phase me

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Jesus Fic Louis and Harry

AU Giddy model Harry Styles on the set of his first shoot with top fashion designer Louis Tomlinson. 

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lemme take you on a magical journey some like to call “larry stylinson”


the tale of two platonic dude pals whose friendship was cruelly destroyed by gay rumours 

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excuse me

what the fuck is this


"Don’t have to keep their relationship hidden any longer"

"They’ve never been subtle. Nor quiet."


the fuck.

actually that’s been photoshopped, i bought the original magazine and posted it here where you can see it’s been edited from the original :)) http://1dpossessed.tumblr.com/post/30814789678/larry-stylinson-article-we-3pop-issue-14-july
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That's Me In The Spotlight - Chapter 24 | Archive of Our Own



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That’s Me In The Spotlight Fanfiction Trailer (JESUS FIC)

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wat is this?


it bra


it BRA


why bra?




bye bra


touched bra


tehe :)


t o u c h e d b r a 

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Anonymous: "Hiii do you maybe possibly have the link to that vine of harry and louis when theyre doing that grease scene i think it happened during the rehersals before the today show or something. Thanks a lot xx"

I don’t have the link off the top of my head but I’ll let you know if it shows up on my tl again :))

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Anonymous: "what happened to ur twitter?"


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Anonymous: "My Twitter @ is larrystans and I want to follow you because I like your tweets but it says I'm blockedddddd idk why,,,,"

i don’t remember why i blocked, sorry. i unblocked just now 😁

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